The Two Realities of Poor Service

As business owners, we often hope customers will overlook instances of poor service, but they won't, not ever.
It wasn't that long ago that companies provided great service, just because.

These days, more and more companies are writing off service in favor of reduced costs, and it's come to the point that service has now become a selling feature rather than an expectation. If you want your operation to truly perform, you should reconsider

According to American Express, 33% of Americans say they'd consider switching companies after just a single instance of poor service.

1. Great companies see service not as a cost, but as a sales opportunity.

When it comes to making a purchase, 64% of people find customer experience more important than price. (American Express)

Takeaway: Especially in crowded markets, it's a safer bet to compete on customer experience than on price.


2. Loyalty is driven by customer experience.

U.S. consumers are willing to spend 17% more to do business with companies that deliver excellent service, up from 14% in 2014. (American Express)

Takeaway: Service is how great companies differentiate themselves from the competition and earn their customers' business, again and again.

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