Clocked In enables owners and managers to fill shifts in real time with resources available in their network. Employees can request and work open shifts at any location.


Select the location, shift time and wage for the shift. Add a note if you want and post it. This shift will be live on the map and available for workers in your network.

You must set a wage, however if the shift is filled by a current employee, their normal wage amount will be used.

If the shift is filled by a worker who is not the employee of the store, then the set wage will be used and payroll will be covered by the app.


Multiple workers may request a shift. Owners and Managers will be notified for each applicant. Tap a profile to view the details about the worker and initiate a chat.


To select this worker for the shift, request a shift confirmation. The worker will receive your request and be asked to confirm and acknowledge that the confirmation is final. Once the shift has been confirmed, you will be notified and the shift will now appear in your team section. Other applicants will be notified that the shift has been filled. You can maintain your chat with the worker at any time before the shift and during the shift.


The worker will arrive onsite ready to start their shift. They will track their time using the mobile app only once they are onsite. The shift will automatically end at the scheduled end time if it was not clocked out before. If you need the worker beyond this, post another shift.


When the shift has ended the time card will be sent to your payroll records in Clocked In. If the worker is not an employee of that location (or a management company representing that location) then payroll will be handled by Clocked In and the owner or manager will be billed accordingly.


When the employee has been given a shift schedule at their home store, they are restricted from viewing any on-demand shifts that overlap.


Owners are able to restrict the reach of their On Demand network in Settings.

+ In Market
Book any worker on the platform.

+ In Brand
Book workers in the same brand.

+ In Network
Book workers with the same employor.

+ In Store
Book workers it their home location.
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