Represents actual ownership of the registered business location. Account owners have full permissions with all users in their network of stores. Setup for multiple owners and corporations requires configuration by Clocked In.


Represents operating management for the registered business location. Managers have shared permissions to:

-  Approve/remove all employees
-  Edit hourly wages
-  Create & Publish schedules
-  Post On-Demand Shifts
-  Vew and Manage timeclock
-  Publish schedules
-  Message users in their network
-  Edit time cards
-  Export payroll


To add an employee, tap the + Add Employee button at the bottom of the team page and input their phone number. A link with the invite will be sent.  Manager/owner approval is required to join a store.

+ Add Employees without phones  

Tap the +Employee button a the bottom of the team page and select the Add Employee link . This will enable schedules and allow time tracking via the onsite tablet.


From the team page managers and owners can remove an employee instantly. This action will keep their payroll hours but remove the user from schedules, chat and on-demand. The user will be notified.

Iphone swipe left
Android tap and hold

You can also tap into their profile and tap “Archive Employee”.
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