Under-staffing is limiting your beverage sales

The simplest, most inexpensive way to drive up an order is with drinks, but it needs someone to be engaged in the task.
An executive from a large brewery in St Louis (wink) recently shared with me an amazing industry secret. On-premise drinkers with exactly 1/3 left in their glass are 3 times more likely to buy another round, versus the patrons with more or less in their glass. He explained the psychology as wanting to stay in her "drinking session" but once this level drops below 1/3, she will feel that the session is now over and the state of mind becomes 'I'm good, check please."

As a restaurant owner myself, I cannot get this out of my mind. Increasing the average ticket is much easier said than done.. so I see empty glasses everywhere now. When I'm out for a happy hour or dinner, I'm totally struck by all the patrons who are happily chatting over their empty glasses. It's like the traffic spike of the week for this restaurant and yet they are understaffed with the easiest and most profitable job in the place: refilling drinks.

It doesn't have to be that way. Our network connects you with people who already know your brand, people who used to work for you but had to leave. Get in touch and we'll show you how to maximize your network's potential so you're never understaffed.

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