No Call-Offs Today
Imagine never having to worry, ever again, about shift call-offs and no-shows?
A territory manager for Jimmy John's recently said "No Call-Off take the Day Off"… but before we finished our meeting she got a text and had to head out to one of her stores for support.

If you have experience managing an hourly team, you know this text message all too well, but what options do you really have? If you allow it, then you will just get more call off's as others learn it's okay. If you terminate the relationship, then you just created a bigger problem for yourself to find and train a replacement.

With some roles such as dishwasher, we hear as much as 50% are no-show while the restaurant industry averages about 8–10%.

Prevention is a challenge but there's a remedy. Managers who keep a trusted network can tap resources who want the extra cash but don't really want to be on a regular schedule. These can be ex-employees who have taken another job but still have the uniform or people who call off regularly - just change their status and move them to the B team for On-Demand hours.

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