Plan, prevent, and mitigate risk to your frontline workforce.
What if you had the data you needed to plan, contact trace, and react precisely – to better help your people?

Take preventative action to safeguard your people, mitigate infection risks, and manage capacity. A digital health check helps prevent potentially ill people from coming to a workplace. Automatic contact tracing helps reduce the impact on others from an infected employee.

Build trust. Protect your workforce. Alert your people. Close the information gap.
A privacy-first platform built for restaurants to make critical workforce decisions based on risk exposure
Wellness Check-in
Screen employees before entering the workplace to verify compliance with your entry requirements
On-Demand Testing
Request rapid service with the push of a button. Connect employees with nearby testing locations.
Automated Tracing
Securely track workplace interactions so the right people are contacted immediately.
Smart Notifications
Obtain consent and ensure the privacy and accuracy of health-related communications.
Enterprise Analytics
Visualize where your greatest risks are, so you can take action.
Seamless Rollout
No integrations or additional hardware required.
The Check-In Contact Tracing application helps employers reduce workplace transmission of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, by identifying any on-site employees or visitors who might have been in contact with an affected employee. Employers receive updates about the number of reported cases or symptoms in a location, use various data sources to develop a list of potentially exposed employees, and create outreach cases and tasks for follow-up interviews with at-risk members of the workforce.

When an employee who returns to the workplace is classified as positive for a condition, such as COVID-19, a case can be created to identify and reach out to potentially exposed contacts. If any employee is confirmed to be affected with an infectious disease, administrators can send their name to the case manager to create a case. Employers can run a diagnostic request to generate a report of all on-site employees who may have been in contact with an affected employee.

Additionally, when leveraging Check-in Employee Self Report, cases can be automatically created when an employee discloses they are ill.

With the Check-in Dashboard, you can view the trend of active cases and potentially exposed contacts over a given time period for a location. Case managers can also configure the alert type to determine when the number of active cases is more than the threshold in a particular location.
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