Branded Strategic Hospitality Completes 12th Direct Investment in Digital Hiring Leader Clockedin.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | New York, NY: Branded Strategic Hospitality, "Branded", a platform that invests and partners with early and growth-stage Hospitality Technology companies, announced today that it has added Clockedin, a digital workforce management solution, to its portfolio as an investment and advisory partner. Clockedin is Branded's 12th Direct Investment and 17th Partner Company.

The rising "gig economy" has changed the way people think about work. Employees everywhere are now looking for ways to have the same experiences but with traditional jobs. Clockedin is a workforce labor solution that is helping to solve two major challenges in the hourly worker industry - employee turnover and fair scheduling. Clockedin leverages an app-based network to create a virtual pool of workers who have direct brand experience, enabling companies to fill shifts with people who can hit the ground running, and enabling workers in turn to pick-up extra work as they see fit.

With Clockedin, businesses can greatly increase their bottom line by reducing the need to hire and train new staff.

Additionally, Clockedin's unique time and attendance platform meets the high demands of a range of industries from Hospitality, Retail, Healthcare and more.

"We believe Clockedin represents a meaningful solution in connection with human capital and specifically the many issues and challenges associated with both recruitment and retention. Operators are looking for people and people are looking for jobs. Connecting these parties in an efficient and compliant manner is of paramount importance to the hospitality industry. When we make investments, we invest in the people as much as the brand. CEO Eric Smith and has team are all restaurant operators like us, so they get it. Clockedin provides a real solution to the issues associated with hiring and retention." - Branded Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Jimmy Frischling

Clockedin offers simple solutions to age-old problems. For operators, the app is a real-time labor marketplace that fills open shifts & part-time positions with people who have previous brand experience. Operators can access multiple tiers of the network, and workers can match with opportunities based on their skills, brand experience, and geo-location. For employees, the network is built for the service economy. Like Linkedin, users can discover, share, and connect with the people and companies in their industry. Operators meanwhile can virtually eliminate turnover by retaining workers in their brand networks for on-demand shifts.

Branded will be working with Clockedin to sign new operators and build customer partnerships with other technology companies with shared interests.

For more information, questions. or to set up an interview with the Branded or Clockedin team please reach out to Julie Zucker, CMO Branded Strategic Hospitality (

About Branded:
Branded Strategic Hospitality "Branded" is an investment & advisory company that leverages its ecosystem of hospitality venues, expertise, and deep relationships to influence, redefine and evolve hospitality technology, emerging concepts and unique food & beverage brands.

About Clockedin: Clockedin is an app-based workforce labor solution that solves two major issues in the hourly worker industry - employee turnover and fair scheduling. Clockedin gives hourly employees the gig experience by leveraging their brand specific skills for on-demand work. At the same time, Clockedin enables operators to retain churned workers in a virtual pool, and then use them to fill shifts and open positions across their brand, minimizing uncessesary spend on hiring and training.

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