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In support of front-line workers affected by the Covid-19 crisis, Chicago startup Clockedin has just launched a national job network that solves the issues of employment, fair scheduling, and for companies, resolves employee turnover.
Backed by funding from the humanitarian-focused Kairos Society, Clockedin's mission is to simplify the lives of front-line workers with resolutions to age-old workforce challenges. Its free, app-accessed network is a cross between Linkedin and Uber, and connects workers directly with hiring managers for short and long-term engagements.

Clockedin takes it a step further, offering companies access to workers with in-brand experience. The result is a more efficient, more productive workforce with happier people all around.
Clockedin gives people the freedom to work when and where they want.
The challenges: Fair scheduling of hourly workers in retail and hospitality is a major challenge driven by the use of predictive scheduling models and the reluctance of business owners to hire full-time employees due to expensive insurance premiums.

The result? Hourly workers are forced to accept last minute schedules and scheduling changes, along with shift cancellations often without notice or pay. They have no control over their day-to-day lives and in many cases, are forced to work multiple jobs to cover basic expenses.

Available for iOS and Android, Clockedin is simple to use. Just download the app, build your profile, connect with the companies you want to work at, and bid on shifts as they come available.

For company managers, Clockedin is just as useful, offering a full set of workforce tools, in addition to instant access to skilled workers for both long and short-term engagements.
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