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You're getting paid for sharing us with your contacts!
That's right - all the contacts you selected received a special link, and when they click it, you'll get paid, so long as they are located in either Georgia or Florida! So basically, you're making $$$ just by letting people know about Clockedin! > > > SCROLL DOWN!!!
How It Works
Select Your Contacts..
You can share your link with anyone in your contacts from friends and family to coworkers and classmates - whoever you want!!
People Get a Link..
Anyone who clicks on your shared link will be redirected to our home page where they can learn all about us and the work we're doing.
And You Get Paid !!
Every week, we'll pay you a commission for each unique person in one of our participating commission zones who clicks your link.
How do I get paid?
Payments are done weekly over Paypal using the email address you entered when setting up your Clockedin account. If someone in our commission zones clicks your link, at the end of that week you'll get an email from either us or PayPal.

We will pay you.. anytime a unique person (someone who has never visited our website) clicks your link from within one of our participating commission zones. Currently, this means anyone based in either Georgia or Florida.